Optimal Automation Services

Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer Professional Engineering Services.
Providing Electrical Engineering Services to the Industrial Automation and Manufacturing Communities.
Automation and Engineering Design Capabilities
Our Engineering Philosophy and Project Capabilities
A Professional Engineering Company, we engage in the design of Automation and Manufacturing Systems by first reviewing the needs of the project with the customer/client, selecting the hardware(s) and software(s) required for the project, producing the required engineering schematics, generating the list of required purchase items, developing software algorithms, structures and strategies, and working with our customer to see the automation or engineering strategy come to final fruition.
We can be engaged on projects from their concept phases to final completion or can be engaged at any stage of the project implementation.
Our Engineering Activity for Automation Projects can include a number or all of the following tasks or project components:
Review of the Required Application and Identification of any special/specific project needs.
Hardware Design/Selections and Evaluation of Impact on the Engineering Design.
Identification and Handling of Long Lead Project Items.
Design Engineering and Production of Electrical Schematics, Layout Diagrams and Interconnection Drawings.
Providing Material Lists or Bill of Materials for Project Purchasing.
Automation Systems Networking based on Available Industrial Protocols.
Automation Software Development and Programming.
Machine/Plant Software Debug or Commissioning.
Issuing of Engineering Design Package(s) for Manufacturing.
Supervise Project Builds and Installs. Liaison with Fabrication Shops.
Generation of Operator Training Manuals and Provision of Training Courses.
Generation and Provision of Technical/Operation Manuals.
Reliability Assessment and Spares Stocking Recommendations.
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