Optimal Automation Services

Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer Professional Engineering Services.
Providing Electrical Engineering Services to the Industrial Automation and Manufacturing Communities.
Automation Equipment Expertise and Capability
Contemporary Automation Schemes can utilize a wide range of Equipment or Devices. The more sophisticated automation systems require more intelligent process sensing and process controlling devices coupled with operator intervening and controlling capability.
The Equipment utilized can range from the Physical Equipment/Process Sensors, Instrumentation Devices, Process Actuating Devices, Operator Control and Indicating Devices, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Devices, Prime Mover Controlling Devices, Safety Systems, Computers and Process Controllers, etc,.
A significant aspect of automation capability requires a working knowledge of the specific automation engine or controller, the way it is structured to handle physical I/O (hardware and firmware), the software capability and functions it possesses and how these may be utilized to accomplish the desired project intent.
Projects may range from those of a simple variety and simple programming techniques to those with very complex programming methods and techniques. Recent trends in automation require that systems provide sensible annunciation and diagnostics for operations and maintenance personnel. Other tools being advocated and utilized in automation systems require system information and behaviour transmitted and stored for Quality Analysis.
Over the many years of our involvement in this industry, we have worked with or been involved with, a range of makes of manufactured equipment. While our capability extends to most automation equipment, Our exposure permits us to readily offer our services to projects utilizing the following Automation Engines/Controlling Devices and Specialized Equipment.
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