Optimal Automation Services

Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer Professional Engineering Services.
Providing Electrical Engineering Services to the Industrial Automation and Manufacturing Communities.
Safety Systems
Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews - PHSR
The automated systems/machinery and the industrial processes of the contemporary workplace can pose serious threats to the safety of workers. As more complex processes and highly automated machines are designed, it is critically important that the machinery and industrial facilities we engineer minimize the risk posed to human life and well being, in their handling and operation of these systems. Employees conducting work around machinery and in facilities must be protected at all times from dangerous equipment and processes.
We provide the Safety Engineering Services to ensure that the applicable safety requirements and due diligence have been addressed in the application.
Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews. (PSR/PHSR)
Machine/Application Risk Assessments.Safe Distance Citations.
Professional Engineering Approvals.
Fully Documented PHSR Report.
Industrial Requirements
The Ontario Ministry of Labour as stated in Regulation 851 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) require that when applicable (see below), an owner or lessee must obtain a report signed and sealed by a professional engineer stating that a particular piece of equipment, machine or device will comply with the Act and regulations.
The Spirit of the Act and the requirements to be met, are stated in the following OHSA Regulation 851 extracts:
When a PHSR is Required.
What is Involved in the PHSR.
Who Conducts the PHSR.
When a PHSR may not be required.
Safety Standards.
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